What A Relaxing Afternoon! Yoga, Live Music For Doggos

A dog doing yoga

A lot of dogs were able to relax last Saturday during an event that had yoga and live music. The Pranique Yoga and Wellness Studio organized the event in order for doggos to be treated to a special afternoon.

– Last Saturday was a relaxing afternoon for dogs.
– Dogs from Suncoast Animal League were taken to a retreat home.
– They enjoyed yoga, live music, and…

The event is called “Party for the Pups” and they worked with Suncoast Animal League to bring the dogs in the retreat home. The owner of the studio is a dog mom herself to two rescue doggos and she thought it would be wonderful to organize the event because she wanted to pay it forward. Suncoast Animal League was responsible for bringing one of her rescue dogs to her.

The event was also sponsored by other organizations and there were a lot of food and drinks. Live music was provided for by musician Brett Wilkins. There were also donations from the event asked from those who attended.


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