WooFDreams are ALL DOG Relaxing and Comfort Songs, the chill side of WooFTunes!! These are original compilations and fresh tunes to relax your pup or even yourself. These WooFDreams include some tunes with doggy snoring and other dog related special effects. Fun Stuff!! You will be laughing just from reading the titles of some of these tunes!! This is the stuff that dog dreams are made of!!

This music is not only intended for your enjoyment, but for your dog’s as well.  Play it softly near their sleep area to help relax them and keep them from being distracted by other noises that keep them from having a good nights sleep.

Over the past few years the WooFDreams Library has greatly expanded to now include 4 new Series including Guided Dog & Dog Family Mediations, Mediative Music, Guitar Meditative Music, Nature Sounds & Music Blends. This is the most comprehensive DOG Comfort Music Library probably anywhere as it was all created under my direction (WooFDriver) with the purpose of comforting & facilitating relaxation for my WooFPAK as their rest & relaxation are key to being ready for our physical and mental challenges we encounter on our almost daily adventures.


CLICK HERE to listen to all the albums.


LuLu “Hypnotized”
WooFDriver & LuLu “Sleepy Heads”
Czar & Hudson “Blood Brothers”
Zarro “Worn Out”
Princess & Jag in “The Chill Tub”
Princess “Chilling Round”
Czar “Dreaming”
Hudson “Bedtime”