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The Woof AXX is possibly the coolest Guitar ever made!! That is for sure if you are a Dog or Wolf Lover!! You see the Woof AXX  represents in appearance a Dog or Wolf obviously with Blue Eyes that light up (according to the players settings) to the depth of the strum.  The ears are hollow and so is the body which combines to give some incredible tones and sounds. This Woof AXX can actually be an “Acoustic” or “Electric” Guitar. Think of it as a Hybrid!! Not a Wolf Dog Hybrid but an Acoustic/Electric Hybrid!!

The Woof AXX was designed by The WooFTunes Team and built by a Custom Guitar Builder who has built guitars for many musicians including Tom Petty!! WooFTunes is selling Woof AXX Guitars in our WooFTrax Store. Every Woof AXX is individually named like a Dog with it’s very own personality!! That’s right,  since every Woof AXX is Handmade none of them will be exactly the same. From their construction of materials including different woods and finishes some will even have different color light up eyes, to their playing components like Fretboards and Bridges. This is just the beginning!!


The Woof AXX main purpose is actually to raise awareness and spread the joy of Dogs and their companionship

ith humans. The Woof AXX is the main part of our program called “Play For A Dog”!! This is a Dog-Powered Fund Raising Program that is designed to raise money for Dog Shelters all over The USA!! Working with sponsors WooFTunes will be able to raise money when the Woof AXX is played by musicians everywhere. each Woof AXX that is in this program

will be able to be followed as to what musicians are playing them and at what venues. In addition every year these Woof AXX’s will be retired and auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit Dog Shelters as well and a new Woof AXX will be built and commissioned to continue in on this most important project!!  This is all part of our “Walk For A Dog”  Dog-Powered Fund Raising Program and our parent company WooFTrax. More information will be available shortly.


Please follow the current Woof Axx’s that are out there and check out our first video with some famous studio musicians as well as Kenny Rogers Guitarist as they take the Woof AXX for a test drive!!



Woof AXX Specs

Fretboard: Ebony, Rosewood, or Maple

Medium Jumbo Frets

1.68 nut

Compound Radius. 7.5 – 14

Maple Neck

Body Aspen Back

Maple Top

Lace Alumatone Pickups

6 way rotary Pickup Selector

Volume and Tone

Chrome/Black Hardware

Sound Activated Eyes

25.5 Scale

Woof AXX Production

A Woof AXX is Born!! This is sonogram of our ‘precious” Woof AXX Guitar. LOL:) You see, every Woof AXX Guitar is meticulously handcrafted and built like a fine piece of Art. Only this art is functional as well as aesthetically incredible. We use the finest materials and strive to achieve pleasing, creative, and signature sounds from this one of a kind musical masterpiece. This production is a quite sophisticated and a carefully crafted process so only a limited number of these Woof AXX Guitars can be built each year. Of course like Fine Art they will be individually named with the Love of the WooFTunes Teams’ Dogs and like our “Best Friends” each one will look different and have their own “personality” To the right is a brief pictorial of our production process.


WooFJam Audio Tracks – Nashville June 2013

Jamming in this session are: Billy Panda, Randy Dorman, Brian Franklin, Pat Bergeson!! Jam On It!!

WooFJam with Chris Griffith

WooFJam with Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper is a well-established session guitarist who has performed throughout the UK & Europe for more than fifteen years. His performing and recording experience is vast and covers a wide spectrum of styles with artists such as Robert Plant (Tour), Lionel Richie (TV and Live),Journey South (Tour), Jane McDonald (Tour and TV), Ben Mills (Live),Solid Harmonie (Tour), Charlie Landsborough and Donna Gardier.

As a guitar arranger and transcriber, Steve has completed more than fifty published works for Music Sales including album folios by Queens of The Stone Age (Songs for The Deaf),The Vines (Highly Evolved) and The Clash’s ‘Complete Chord Songbook’. Published song arrangements include tracks by Foo Fighters, Morrissey, System Of A Down, Velvet Revolver, The Killers, Funeral For A Friend, Maximo Park, Nine Inch Nails and Kaiser Chiefs.

Steve is a renowned music educator and is currently Course Leader for Popular Music at the University of Wolverhampton where he specialises in teaching guitar, performance, harmony and songwriting. He has traveled to Europe and the USA (Berklee) to teach, perform and lecture and has delivered masterclasses on developing as a ‘career musician’ throughout colleges in the UK. His work on the use of the iPod as a music teaching tool is internationally recognised and was published in two peer reviewed academic journals in 2008, The British Journal of Music Education (BJME) and the Journal of Music,Technology and Education.

Steve holds a first class honours degree in Music and Popular Music, a Masters in Higher Education teaching, a Licentiate Diploma in guitar from the London College of Music and is a teaching fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

The Woof AXX (Play For A Dog) Song

Play For A Dog

Well hello there I’m the Woof Axx

Let’s play some tunes for you

All about my doggie brothers and sisters

That make my eyes beam up , oh so Blue

As you strum across my six strings

Your music is so true

Our companion bond, as you know it

Is much of my debut


I’ll be your best- friend AXX to use

Your’e playing with me, it’s just us two

Be it Country, Jazz , Rock, or Blues






I’ll be your best- friend AXX to use

Your’e playing with me, it’s just us two

Be it Country, Jazz , Rock, or Blues

Written by