I want to cover you all over…..
with WolForia Gear….so listen up you gotta hear….
Full of color, meaning,
And pride now come on over…
and get near this euphoria kind of feel….
this is the WooFDriver’s deal!

WolForia is the source of nature and love —
blending power and fun
into the ultimate unity of one!

Under the watchful eye
of The Taekwondo Master WooFDriver
as he strives to live life with the best of times….
he’s designed these WolForia inspirations
that are one of a kind…
many focusing on convergence of body and mind.


WolForia is the source of nature and love —
blending power and fun
into the ultimate unity of one!

Tattooed shirts waving like flags
inspiring the Dog type wolf spirit
You’ll see it in their eyes that pierce,
some have fire so hot they look intensely fierce!

WolForia is the source of nature and love —
blending power and fun
into the ultimate unity of one!


The WolForia line
everyone will know the time….
it’s peace through inner power,
respect to all whatever the hour,
this will get your life blossoming like a flower…
these WolForia designs are such a wower!!

WolForia is the source of nature and love —
blending power and fun
into the ultimate unity of one!

“Woof AXX Dagger” Shirt

“Woof AXX Dagger” Shirt Front
“Woof AXX Dagger” Shirt Back

Dagger is defined by Wikipedia as:  A dagger is a fighting weapon with a very sharp point designed or capable of being used as a thrusting or stabbing weapon.[ The design dates to human prehistory, and daggers have been used throughout human experience to the modern day in close combat confrontations. Many ancient cultures used adorned daggers in ritual and ceremonial purposes, a trend which continues to the present time in the form of art knives. The distinctive shape and historic usage of the dagger have made it iconic and symbolic.

The Woof AXX like a Dagger is a work of art with “sharp” lines, “woof’ like curves, and cold Blue “steel” eyes!!

“Woof AXX Rock & Roll Nights” Shirt

“Woof AXX Rock & Roll Nights” Shirt Front
“Woof AXX Rock & Roll Nights” Shirt Back

Many songs have been written about “Rock & Roll Nights”!! To live them is to know what it really means.

In this shirt the “WOOF” is like a Cowboy going town to town with the Woof AXX strapped across his back!!

This is how we ride the Woof AXX in a “playing manner” while Lighting up the night and showing the way with those Big Bright Baby Blue Eyes!!

“Woof Charged AXX” Shirt

“Woof Charged AXX” Shirt Front
“Woof Charged AXX” Shirt Back

Defined by Wikipedia: Charge is a bugle call which signals to execute a charge, or to gallop forward into harm’s way with deadly intent. A simple unmistakable call, it was even recognizable by experienced horses.

The Woof AXX is all charged up here!!

“Captain Woof AXX” Bandana Shirt

“Captain Woof AXX” Bandana Shirt Front
“Captain Woof AXX” Bandana Shirt Back

Bandana is defined by Wikipedia as: A bandana (from the Tamil: பந்தம் pantham, “a bond”) is a type of large, usually colorful, kerchief, usually worn on the head or around the neck of a person or pet and is not considered to be a hat. Bandanas are frequently printed in apaisley pattern and are most often used to hold hair back, either as a fashionable head accessory, or for practical purposes.

This “Bandana” worn by us people and sporting Captain Woof signifies some mastery on the Woof AXX!! Play It Steve!!

“WooF AXX Stare” Shirt

“WooF AXX Stare” Shirt Front
“WooF AXX Stare” Shirt Back

A Stare is defined by Wikipedia as a prolonged gaze or fixed look.

The Woof AXX gets lots of “Stares”

“Techno Woof AXX” Shirt

“Techno Woof AXX” Shirt Front
“Techno Woof AXX” Shirt Back

Techno as defined by Wikipedia: Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States during the mid-to-late 1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno in reference to a specific genre of music was in 1988.[Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built.

This is Techno on the Woof AXX:(Check Out Those Eyes!!)
This is Techno on the Woof AXX:(Check Out Those Eyes!!)

“The WooF’s AXX Tie-Dye” Shirt

“The WooF’s AXX Tie-Dye” Shirt Front
“The WooF’s AXX Tie-Dye” Shirt Back

Tie-Dye as defined by Wikipedia: Tie-dye is a process of tying and dyeing a piece of fabric or cloth which is made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton; typically using bright colors. It is a modern version of traditional dyeing methods used in many cultures throughout the world. Tie-dyeing is accomplished by folding the material into a pattern, and binding it with string or rubber bands. Dye is then applied to only parts of the material. The ties prevent the entire material from being dyed. Designs are formed by applying different colors of dyes to different sections of the wet fabric. A wet t-shirt is much easier to dye than a dry t-shirt. Once complete, the material is rinsed, and the dye is set.

What Tie-Dye looks like on The WooF AXX:
What Tie-Dye looks like on The WooF AXX:

Woof AXX “Woof Fire” Shirt

WooF Fire Shirt Front
WooF Fire Shirt Back

Fire as defined by Wikipedia:

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. Slower oxidative processes like rusting or digestion are not included by this definition.

The flame is the visible portion of the fire. If hot enough, the gases may become ionized to produce plasma. Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame and the fire’s intensity will be different.

Fire as defined by The Woof AXX

Woof AXX Test Drive – Nashville June 2013

In this video some of our Friends & Team in Nashville Tennessee are giving The Woof AXX a test drive for the very first time!! These are professional musicians/guitarist, which include studio guys that have played on some pretty popular hits as well as a couple of guys that play with Kenny Rogers!! These guys know how to play and are fascinating to see them perform on The Woof AXX and give their opinions about how it performs!!

The whole purpose of The Woof AXX is to raise awareness and money for Dog Shelters through our “Play For A Dog” Dog-Powered Fund Raising Program.

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