This Doggo Earns So Much In A Year! Starred In Music Videos, TV Shows, And Many More

A toy poodle at an agility contest

A poodle, who has pink fur and is named Venice, is dubbed as the Gigi Hadid of the dog world. She reportedly makes a lot of money in a year and has starred in music videos, has modeling jobs, and also has TV show appearances.

– A pink poodle earns a lot of money in a year.
– She has modeling jobs, music video gigs, and TV show appearances.
– The dog owner is actually a pet groomer at her own…

The dog owner, Daniela Forshaw, said that her dog makes much more money than her because Venice “has the potential to be a million-pound-a-year dog. If she got a few major fashion contracts she could be capable of achieving that in two years.” The dog owner is actually a pet groomer at her own business called Daniela’s Dogs.

More on the dog owner, she used to be an investment banking employee but when she bonded with a pack of wild beach dogs in Sri Lanka, she decided to ditch her job so she can work with doggos. She and her husband have seven other doggos aside from Venice. They are greyhound rescue dogs, Chinese crested, and four other poodles.


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