The WooFHouse Cafe


The WooFHouse Cafe

Welcome to the WooFHouse Cafe! This is the place where you can hear our WooFHouse series of music. Almost all of these tunes are unplugged! Meaning they are strictly acoustic. Some of this music is straight from the trail on our WooFHouse Concert Tours and feature covers of songs you probably have come to know and love from the 1970s to date!!

Some songs are acoustic versions of our WooFTunes lineup. Played by the WooFPlay Band. These WooFTunes can also be found in the music section on the top menu bar which has their original (Plugged)l version.

Additionally you will find Romany and David (Father & Daughter) series of weekly WooFHouse Cafe Videos where they just casually playing a song or so! Most of the time David will be playing The Woof AXX guitar with eyes appropriately that light up!


This Woof AXX guitar was actually custom designed by the WooFPlay Band and WooFDriver. It was then built by a premier guitar builder. In addition we will be developing a program to coincide with our Walk for a Dog (Dog-Powered Fundraising) App, to raise money and awareness for Dog/Animal Shelters everywhere!!

I hope you can take some time to take a magical journey and enjoy some of this wonderful music. Hopefully you can chill with your significant other (your pup) and have a great time at the WooFHouse Cafe!!

C&O Canal Great Falls Maryland Ride – Keith Thompson

This WooFHouse is our 6TH Concert Ride of the 2013 Touring Season!! This is probably the most scenic WooFHouse to date as we are riding arguably the most scenic part of The C&O Canal Path as it goes through some incredible rock formations and water flowing areas. Great Falls is the steepest fall line rapids of any river in the USA, (according to Wikipedia)!! The Potomac River carved


through these Rocky areas some 35,000 years ago. You will witness some of this incredible and historic beauty inside these Concert Ride Videos. We are Rocking all over this trail with Keith Thompson jamming on guitar and singing up the tunes. Keith gives an excellent performance and hits a lot of great covers as well as an original hit of his own!!

The weather today is magnificent and provided us a lot of chances to stop and do some impromptu mini concert sessions. Because of the beautiful weather many people were on the trail and stopped and listened to some of Keith’s playing. One area we got to stop at was overlooking the Potomac river down some steep rocky mountainsides. As Keith was playing and people were gathering around enjoying nature’s beauty and being serenaded with some awesome music, I was able to take the Dog’s off the cart and give them some extra loving!! This was such a memorable day!!

Keith Thompson Trail Tunes


Keith was soooo cold this day, February in Maryland can be that way. But the dogs love to run in the cold, Keith hung in there and jammed until his fingers were numb! He still rocked it though, take a listen!

Keith Thompson Videos

One of the best kept secrets of Washington DC is the area of the C&O canal just north of the city. One would never know such a wondrous natural place is so close to our national’s capital. If you have never been there, sit back, enjoy some great music and see it now!

BWI Airport Trail Linthicum Maryland Ride – Gina DeLuca

This is our fifth WooFHouse Concert Tour Ride!! Today we are at a weird kind of trail. It is called The BWI Trail for Baltimore Washington International Airport. This trail goes near the airport probably designed for local area residents and travelers to be able to get some close by exercise. Though while not very scenic this is what Urban Mushing is all about. The fact you can take your dog’s in a relatively crowded setting and give them some vigorous exercise is so cool. We did stumble upon some Horses that where on a farm along this trail? Pretty interesting because when this was just a small airport (Friendship Airport) it was pretty rural in the area so this farm has probably been there for years. We also rode over the highway on a pedestrian/biking bridge, pretty cool and the dogs handled it just great.

Today we are Rocking with Gina DeLuca. Gina played a lot of great covers including some originals. Temperatures were a little cold for playing guitar in the low 40s but she made it happen. On this trail we rode right near some commercial areas so we were able to get Gina a hot beverage to help keep the music pumping!! Please share the ride with us by checking out the videos from this WooFHouse Concert!!

Gina DeLuca Trail Tunes

Gina’s folksy and bluesy style just hits a cord that we can all relate to. Open up this playlist, turn up the speakers, and keep on doing what you were planning to do– just better, with awesome music in the background!

WooFHouse – Gina DeLuca Videos

So, you are sitting on the runway at BWI airport,
you look over to the trail going around the airport,
and you see a dog cart with a beautiful woman
playing a guitar and singing.

You missed that?!?! No worries, see it here!

C&O Canal White’s Ferry Maryland Ride – Patty Reese

This WooFHouse Concert Ride was performed by Patty Reese. We mushed The C&O Canal Tow Path about 12 miles from near Point Of Rocks to White’s Ferry in Maryland. Patty was playing a lot of Classic Rock & Roll Covers as well as a few of her originals. This was the coldest WooFHouse to date, temperatures were in the high 30s with a cold brisk breeze! This was a tough day to day to play music but a nice day for the Dogs to be rolling! You may even catch Patty talking about how she was playing a lot of songs in “G” and how people watching might think that is all she knows but of course far from it. It was just so cold and hard to work to much around the guitar. What she played and sung was fantastic as you will hear on the videos and sound tracks.

As in most of these WooFHouse Performances we were able to make a couple of scenic stops to water the Dogs and let Patty do some more jamming. Some of these spots include an old locke house from the 1800s and under an Old Railroad bridge at White’s Ferry! What an awesome ride I hope you can share in on the excitement viewing the videos.

You can find the videos and audio tracks from this WooFHouse as well as a link to Patty Reese on the menu located on the left of this page.

Patty Reese Trail Tunes

Listen to Patty’s entire audio recordings from her WooFHouse session on the C&O Canal.

A cold day to make music and shoot video from the back of a dog cart, but Patty was HOT!

Cross Trail – Kent Island Maryland Ride Mark Scott

This WooFHouse was performed by Mark Scott on a ride we took on The Cross Island Trail in Kent Island Maryland. This was an 11 mile Mushing Concert Ride. Mark Scott was playing the music including mostly covers from classic Rock & Roll and a lot of Bryan Adams!! Great Music!! Definitely on these videos you may here the sounds of the trail in the background. It was a beautiful day temperatures in the 50s but we did hit some windy spots. You may hear the wind and the sounds of the Dog Cart as well as the WooFPAK!! The more of these rides we take the more I am realizing how I love and am starting to prefer this acoustic unfiltered music.

On this WooFHouse Ride we stopped at a few very scenic spots. Some of these spots where along the Chesapeake Bay including one where you may get a glimpse of The Bay Bridge. We were able to take the Dogs off leash at one of the spots so they could lay down to enjoy some of Mark’s awesome playing. We also were able to ride through and stop at a heavily wooded area which was simply gorgeous. This was a great ride for all especially of course for the Dogs!!

You can find the videos and audio tracks from this WooFHouse as well as a link to Mark Scott on the menu located on the left of this page.

Mark Scott Trail Tunes

Enjoy these videos of your most favorite covers by one of Maryland’s best musicians!

Shenandoah Virginia Country Road Ride – Billy “T” Wilde

This WooFHouse was performed by Billy T. Wilde on a ride we took along a Shenandoah Country Road!! It was a small stretch of road 1.5 miles that we set off to ride. We wanted to capture the essence of this region. With the mountains, river, and its rich history it is so cool. I try to spend as much time as I can with the Pups down here. I am trying to plan many more WooFHouse Concerts from this region. Please stay tuned!!

We did our Mushing Ride and were able to stop at a scenic view as Billy was strumming his tunes. The Dogs hoped for a little further ride but today WooFDriver was unfortunately on a time constraint. But the music kept on playing!! As Billy did a performance for this WooFHouse by the Shenandoah River!! Please check out the Videos from this WooFHouse in our video section on the top menu of this page or on the left menu.

Our second WooFHouse Recording session. Stopped along a virginia backcountry road while cruising through the Shenandoah River Valley.

Our second WooFHouse Recording session. Stopped along a Virginia backcountry road while cruising through the Shenandoah River Valley.

After cruising along back roads of the Shenandoah Valley, recording from the back of the dog cart, we decided to chill out. So, we went down to the river’s edge and had another jam session.

After cruising along back roads of the Shenandoah Valley, recording from the back of the dog cart, we decided to chill out. So, we went down to the rivers edge and had another jam session.

Here is the complete audio recordings of Billy’s entire WooFHouse Performance

NCR Trail Concert Ride MD/PA – Rebecca Gold & Keith Engle

This is our first WooFHouse Live Concert. We are riding The NCR Trail from Bentley Springs Maryland into New Freedom Pennsylvania. This is close to a 10 mile mushing route. We will be riding The Double Decker 4X4 Party Bike with The WooFPAK of dogs. Our Pit Crew today is Jim, Chris, Shawn, and Guy. Our performers today are Rebecca Gold on Guitar and Vocals and Keith Engle on Fiddle. Temperatures today are in the high 40s which is decent for the dogs but a little cold for the musicians. After a lot of preparation and planning we started our concert ride around 2:00 PM.

The Bike that we are riding is a 4 seater but it is built to be able to run the trails so it is on the narrow side. Rebecca and Keith with their instruments were a little tight in the back of the bike but made it look so incredibly comfortable! The dogs LOVE this set up because the more people onboard the more loving they get!! Shawn was controlling the audio to ensure the best results for the video audio mix that he and Guy will master after our journey. The ride went so well.

This was surreal to be with my dogs doing what they love, on this beautiful trail with views of The Gunpowder River and rolling farmlands while LIVE music was harmonizing to our ride. I don’t know of to many better places on earth that I would rather be!! We saw many of people along the way as well. They had that expression on their face like what is happening here. I said to some of them “you never know what you will see on the trail”. In some areas we stopped to water the dogs, Rebecca and Keith got off the bike to play their music. One area where the trail passed through it was almost like an impromptu concert. There were a lot of people hanging out with their families so we drew a little crowd and the kids came over and danced some as they said hi to the pups!! How COOL this was!! A little further up the trail we stopped in a more secluded area where the musicians got out to perform some tunes to the back drop of surrounding hills as the sun was setting with the dogs howling to the music. Again it doesn’t get much better than this!! This was the first WooFHouse Concert of hopefully many to come. Please check out the videos and music from this ride. Also the artists information is included on the left menu of this section.

This was our first WooFHouse trip and video ever!  Two great musicians covering “On the Turning Away” written by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and Anthony Moore.

Rebecca started to perform this song on the trail without Keith knowing before hand.  You can watch Keith, as Rebecca starts, looking across at the music and fingering his fiddle, then he just picks it up and improvs.  These two also never performed together before this WooFHouse.  Magic!

Keith is warming up for our first WooFHouse!



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