Former Singer’s Doggo Stolen – Where Is The Dog Now?

A Pomeranian

The dog of a former R&B singer named Danny Boy, who performed a hit song with the late rapper Tupac Shakur, has been stolen. Accordingly, the singer was in Las Vegas when the incident about the dog took place.

– A dog is owned by an R&B singer.
– The doggo was stolen by the singer’s friend.
– The dog is reportedly now in Richmond, Virginia.

The dog, five-year-old Foxy, was reportedly taken away from his home in Las Vegas. He believes that the dog is now in Richmond, Virginia. The Pomeranian dog was reportedly taken by a friend of the singer. The dog looks very distinct because the doggo’s hair was cut in a way that he looks like a lion. The dog is actually the emotional support dog of the singer because he said that he considers the doggo as his first son and his friend.

A police report about the missing dog has been filed already. The doggo has been missing for more than a week now. The singer had a message to his friend, “I don’t want to go through these problems of pressing charges” and that the friend should “just return my dog to me.”


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