Spotify Helps Dogs Get Adopted – They Call It ‘Adoptify’

Spotify launches Adoptify

Spotify, one of the biggest streaming services regarding videos and music, launched last month their program called “Adoptify.” The program’s goal is to help more doggos get adopted.

– Spotify just launched their program “Adoptify.”
– This program will help people adopt dogs who have the same taste in music as they do.
– The program came after the University of Glasgow…

The University of Glasgow said in a study that dogs have preference as to what kind of music they like to listen to. Spotify then worked with an animal shelter in Germany in order to assist people who want to adopt a dog. The catch is they hope to match the possible dog owner and the dog as to their taste in music.

A website was launched wherein available dogs for adoption are featured and it is listed what type of music they want to listen to.


To see a sample of the videos of the adoptable doggos, read the amazing story by Tim Nudd at –

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