Singer, Songwriter Reflects Her Love For Animals In A Book She Just…

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A singer and songwriter named Buffy Sainte-Marie shared that she really loves dogs and cats. To further show her love for animals, she came up with a picture book for kids called “Hey Little Rockabye.”

– A singer and a songwriter loves cats and dogs.
– She then came up with a book called “Hey Little Rockabye.”
– Along with the book is a song composed by the author and readers can…

The book revolves around the story of a little girl you rescued a dog. She then tried to convince her parents so she could keep the animal. The book also has sheet music for the readers because the book also has an accompanying song. With the sheet music, readers can sing along.

In a statement by the author, she shared, “Hey Little Rockabye is about the many wonderful pets who need a forever home. We’re hoping that people will consider adopting a little Rockabye of their own through shelters.” She added that whenever she is on tour, she stops by at a local shelter so she can interact with the adoptable dogs and cats.


More on the book, the illustrations were by Ben Hodson.

Listen to the song here –

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