Service Dogs In Training Had To Watch A Musical As Part Of Their…

A boy with his service dog

Service doggos that were being trained had to watch a musical called “Billy Elliot: The Musical.” Watching the musical was part of the doggos’ training.

– Service doggos in training from K-9 County Inn Working Service Dogs went to a musical recently.
– The musical is part of the Stratford’s Festival relaxed performances.
– The owner of the organization said that the adorable photo of the dogs hopes to…

The doggos are from Canada and their photos of being well-behaved while inside the Festival Theater in Ontario went viral. Accordingly, the show that the doggos witnessed is one of Stratford Festival’s relaxed performances. This means that the shows were designed to welcome festival-goers that want a less restricted audience environment.

The service doggos who went to watch the musical are from K-9 County Inn Working Service Dogs. Watching the musical gave the service dogs in training the chance to be exposed to different stimuli like loud noises, lights, and different movements. The owner of the organization said that they are happy people were positive about the adorable snap and they hope that it will be a “good opportunity to educate the public about service dogs and accommodating people with disabilities.”


See the cute photos from Lee Moran’s adorable article here –

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