Are You Returning To Work Soon? Here’s How You Can Help With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety Through…

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Because many people have been vaccinated, work from home set-ups are slowly being lifted. Hence, a lot of dog owners will be going back to work. If you are one of those and will be leaving a doggo at home, here are some tips on how to help with your dog’s separation anxiety.

– Dogs can suffer from separation anxiety.
– This is because many dog owners are now going back to work physically.
– Videos and music can help soothe dogs.

First, you have to understand how separation anxiety works. This is an extreme form of stress for doggos especially when you are away. The symptoms of having separation anxiety include aggression, pacing, restlessness, excessive barking, compulsive behaviors, change in appetite, change in weight, and the like. Doggos usually show these types of behavior “within the first 15 to 30 minutes after an owner’s departure.” So, if you can set up a camera and video what your dog does after you leave it at home, that would be a great help to determine how you can help your doggo.


Once you determine that, you can use music therapy for doggos. It has been shown by numerous research that dogs react positively when there is pleasant and soothing music in the background. You can also put on some soft rock and reggae to help your dog feel relaxed. It is best to do away from heavy metal music and fast-tempo songs.

You can also show them videos. These videos include those that show nature, horses, birds, and the like. Just be sure that the videos are at a slower pace and are accompanied by soothing music.

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