Wizzy WooF


The musical and magical stylings of Wizzy Woof
Are something you must see to believe.
The boy carries a definite sense of mystery,
You know that this bloke finds life a wonderful breeze,
He always is smiling and joking around,
Ask him of his past and you know he will only deceive.

There are few real facts known of this guy. Born in the highlands of Scotland, he grew up near Loch Ness.
This you can tell from his lushes, lulling accent. As for his tales of the Monster, it is your guess.
The tales aren’t from him, but they are really quite odd How the powerful Loch Ness monster will do whatever his request.

To see him is to think that he is something quite special. If not for his clothes you might think him a musher, But this stylish husky is not like his distant cousins. Surviving on wit instead of his strength, this boy is no easy blusher. Wizzy knows magic inside and out and has since just a pup, It is very handy at parties where he is the ultimate party crusher.


He gains attention with his wonderful spells, And when he busts out his magic carpet and offers others a ride, You had best believe that the whole party wants a go And all the ladies flock to his side. But it isn’t just at parties where he gets so much attention,
If you ask, “It’s the ladies” he will confide.

Then he’ll wink with his beautiful eyes, So hypnotic as their colors change. Then he’ll disappear in a cloud of smoke
Behavior that at first appears strange.But music, dancing, magic, and smoke are his favorite things. No, this dog he will not change.

You’ll always find him entertaining with music and with magic,
With Wizzy WooF life is a game into which there’s nothing tragic.


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