Opera Singer Sings To Doggo To Promote Virtual Opera Gala

A German Shepherd on the grass

Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja recently videoed himself singing to his doggo. This was done by him to promote virtual opera gala.

– An opera singer sang a song to his dog.
– This was to promote at-home gala.
– This is in reference to the four-hour virtual performance of…

Accordingly, Calleja is supposed to be touring all over the globe to perform. However, due to the pandemic, he is at home and is seemingly enjoying it. In the video, the opera singer sang “Al Leve Toi Soleil” from the opera Romeo et Juliette. The video lasted for more than 30 seconds and the whole time, he held his dog, a German Shepherd named Mars. The doggo even licked his owner’s face at one point and towards the end of the video, asked to be let down.

Calleja will be part of the virtual performance this Saturday involving 40 artists. The event is organized by New York’s Metropolitan Opera. The show will be for four hours and will be streamed for free on the website of the Met.


See the amazing video here – https://timesofmalta.com/

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