Students Decide To Have Virtual Concert Using House-Hold Items, One Student Included Her Doggo In Her Frame

A woman and her dog dancing

Students from Little Rock, Arkansas, who are part of the UA-Little Rock percussion band, decided to hold a virtual concert. For their instruments, they used house-hold items. One student even shared her frame with her doggo.

– A group of students decided to make a concert online.
– They used household items to make music.
– One student even used her dog to create sound.

Dr. Justin Bunting, the director of percussion studies at the UA-Little Rock music department said that, “A percussion instrument is a musical instrument that is sounded by being struck or scraped.” He noted that basically anything can be used as a percussion that is why the students used what they can find at home. The student who let her doggo join in actually used her pet to create a sound.

After practicing, the students presented their musical performance online. The concert lasted for more than two minutes and they called it “Music at a Distance.”


If you want to see the concert, read more here –


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