Musician Scotty McCreery Is Officially A Fur Dad!

A brown pup

Country music singer Scotty McCreery just got married and he and his wife, Gabi, decided to get a doggo. They are now officially a fur mom and dad!

– Country music singer Scotty McCreery and his wife just got a dog.
– The dog is named Moose.
– The dog even has his own…

Over the weekend, the two have been sharing photos of their new doggo on Instagram. The dog’s name was also recently revealed and they decided to call him Moose. McCreery referred to his dog and his wife as his whole world. The dog has become so popular in just a couple of days so the new pup parents decided to make him his own social media account. You can follow Moose on Instagram via the account @moosemccreery. The doggo now has more than 10,000 followers.

Last year, a few months after the couple got married, McCreery revealed that they really planned to get a dog first before having kids.


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