Music Producer Simon Cowell Willing To Spend £180k For Cloning Three Beloved Doggos

A Yorkshire Terrier

Music and TV producer Simon Cowell just admitted that he will be spending £180k for his three doggos. The money will be used to clone them.

– Another big name in the music industry resorted to cloning doggos.
– Simon Cowell said he already looked into it and he is 100 percent sure with his decision.
– The dogs will be cloned sooner rather than…

Cowell is known as a softie for doggos although he is one of the scariest critiques in show biz. The 59-year-old is an ambassador for a number of dog rescue charities for the past years and he thinks it is okay to clone his doggos. Cloning is a huge topic in the animal world but Cowell said in a recent statement that he cannot imagine living a life without Squiddly, Diddly, and Freddy so he will resort to cloning them so they would remain with him even after they pass away.

Cowell noted that they will clone the doggos sooner so they will have a total of six dogs and they will not wait that the three original dogs will cross the rainbow. Cowell will use a cloning company from South Korea for the services he needs in order to preserve the DNA of his doggos.


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