Twelve People Gets Arrested At Music Festival After Being Tagged By Drug Dogs

A police dog with his handler

In Coffs Harbour, Australia, twelve people were arrested at a music festival. Drugs dogs were deployed at the area and the twelve arrested were tagged by them as having drugs on them.

– Drug dogs were deployed at a music festival in Coffs Harbour, Australia.
– Twelve people were charged with drug-related charges.
– Three others were removed from the event due to…

The music festival took place last March 31, 2019 at Jordan Esplanade. Around 500 people attended the music festival. The drug dogs were deployed together with police officers from Coffs and Clarence Police Districts. In total, 50 people were searched but only 12 were arrested and charged.

One woman, 39 years old, was charged with supplying prohibited drugs and possession of prohibited drugs. She allegedly had LSD, cocaine, and ketamine on her.


Aside from the drug-related charges, three people were removed from the event because of intoxication.

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