Owners Of Doggo Named Music Hopes She Gets American Humane Hero Dog Award

A red and white border collie

A border collie named Music has been nominated for an American Humane Hero Dog Award. The dog owners said that the doggo has been pinning them down and smelling their mouth for a good reason.

– A border collie named Music is up against a lot of other dogs for an American Humane Hero Dog Award.
– The dog owners entered Music to the competition because she saved their lives countless times.
– The dog reportedly smells their mouth after eating and it is because…

According to the dog owners, they initially thought that Music did what she did just because they ate something she was interested with. However, as time passed, they realized that Music smelled their mouth whenever their heart rate rose. There were times that their heart rates were already at dangerous levels that the dog owners fainted. Because of Music, they get a warning from the doggo so they know what to do next. They usually lower levels by drinking electrolytes or lots of water with some salt.

Because of this amazing thing, the dog owners decided to share their dog’s story for the 2021 American Humane Hero Dog Awards competition. The competition looks for ordinary dogs that do extraordinary things. Music is running for the service category. Votes for Music can be cast until May 6.


The dog owners hope that Music will get recognizes so that it would disprove the doubts of many people that border collies do not make good service dogs.

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