Music Used In A Good Way: First Animal Requiem Concert Supported By Beatles

A dog's photo in a picture frame

The first ever Animal Requiem concert has been backed up by the legendary music band, the Beatles. Sir Paul McCartney approved the plan by a musician named Rachel Fuller.

– Sir Paul McCartney approved the reworking of one of the songs of Beatles.
– The song will be heard during the Animal Requiem concert in London.
– It is encouraged that photos of the dogs and other pets be brought to the concert.

The animal funeral concert will be done at St James Church in London on January 31, 2019. The concert is for the owners of the pets who have died. Those dog and other pet owners who will attend the concert will be listening to music composed by Rachel Fuller. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and the Chamber Choir of London will be playing the music. What McCartney approved is the reworking of one of their songs to be included in the Animal Requiem.

Those who will attend are encouraged to bring with them a photo of their dog or other pets that remind them of the happy memory they had with their furry friend. At the concert, the dog and other pet owners can pin the photos of the animals to a large board then light a candle to remember them.


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