Many Singers Wrote A Song About This Special Dog – Know The Story Here

A dog was used in a Moscow space mission

A doggo’s life tragically ended in 1957 after it was sent to space on a one-way trip and only seven days’ worth of oxygen. Because of the sad story, many rock and folk singers all over the world dedicated a song for the unfortunate pup.

– A dog from Moscow is being remembered.
– The dog was sent to space and it died there.
– Many musicians wrote songs about the doggo and one band…

The stray dog from Moscow was placed in a rocket and was the very first living creature to orbit the Earth. The rocket smashed into the Earth’s atmosphere 60 years ago sometime in April. Many protested after the dog died because of the animal’s rights being violated. The story of the dog has been told through YouTube videos, poems, children’s books and songs. One Finnish band even named its band after the dog, which is Laika.

Three years ago, Russia unveiled a new memorial statue for the dog at a Moscow military research facility.


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