Man Wants To Honor Late Mother By Putting Up New Dog Park That Will Be Used To…

A dog owner and her doggo at a dog park

A man is hoping to honor his late mother by putting up a new dog park in the Toquerville area in Utah. He hopes to turn the park by the LaVerkin Creek into a dog park.

– A man hopes to honor his later mother.
– His mother loves dog parks.
– He hopes to put up a dog park in Toquerville, Utah where music festivals can take place and…

The man is named Jeff Willmitt and he is the son of Renee Willmitt. Renee has been at a memory care facility and even beat COVID-19 back in July of last year. However, in January, after she received her first dog of the COVID vaccine, she died. Shortly after she passed away, her doggo also died in the arms of Jeff.

Jeff’s mother reportedly loved going to the dog park. Jeff shared, “She was real introverted when she was having trouble, but the dogs – she spoke their language, I think. She’d laugh and giggle, they’d jump on her lap and she’d hug them.” Because of his mom’s love for dogs, he wants to improve the park that they have now and add some park benches, some gazebos, and the other essential features so the community can bring their doggos there and have social interaction and even hold music festivals.


He hopes that people will donate money, time, or supplies so they can build the dog park. A GoFundMe page has already been created and they hope to raise $25,000.

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