Latest News On Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker: Part Of His Lung Had To Be Removed

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Singer Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, had to have part of his lung removed according to his latest post. This comes after the singer’s dog walker was shot during a violent robbery that led to Lady Gaga’s two dogs getting stolen.

– The dog walker of singer Lady Gaga is now recovering at home.
– This comes after he underwent surgery because of a strange hissing and glugging coming from his chest.
– A part of Fischer’s lungs had to…

Fischer was shot in the chest weeks ago while out for a walk with the three doggos of Lady Gaga in Los Angeles. In his Instagram post, he shared that his chest tube was removed and he was doing well while he started his recovery. However, he began to experience “strange hissing and glugging coming from my chest every time I took a breath.” He was then checked and he was told his lung was not healing because the bullet wound scarred his tissue “like a burn.” He underwent surgery and a part of his lung was removed. He said that the journey is hard and painful but he still finds “the absurdity and wonder and beauty this life offers us all.” He is now back home and is recovering.

During the incident, Lady Gaga was in Rome working on a new film. She called her dog walker a hero and offered a $500,000 reward for the safe return of her two doggos.


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