Korean Band Member’s Dog Is So Adorable! Fans Are Going Gaga

A brown poodle pup

K-pop singers are taking over the world! Not only with their great music but also with their doggos. One dog owned by a band member in Korea is making fans go crazy!

– A photo of a cute dog was posted on Twitter.
– The dog is owned by a band member of a K-pop band in Korea.
– The doggo was seen in one photo wearing a pair of…

Accordingly, new photos of the cute poodle dog were posted by the band called BTS. The band took to their Twitter account on January 16 the photos of the doggo that made a lot of people love the band even more. In one photo, the dog named Min Holly, is seen wearing circular shades while in another, the doggo was just staring at the camera with its really huge brown eyes.

This was not the first time that the dog’s photo was posted but it’s been a while since fans have seen a photo of the doggo.


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