Justin Bieber Spotted With His Doggo Out In Park In Southern California

A white dog on the grass

Singer Justin Bieber has been out and about with his doggo at a park in Southern California. The duo were frolicking under the sun during their outing.

– Justin Bieber was spotted with his dog.
– The two were at a park in Southern California.
– The two were very relaxed while they…

The “Sorry” singer was photographed with the dog. Bieber was lying on the ground while looking at his phone while the dog was sitting nearby. The dog was well-behaved and was very close to Bieber. The two were while Bieber was being blamed for the closing of a nature spot in Iceland. Accordingly, one of the music videos of Bieber showing the nature spot resulted to an influx of visitors so it had to be closed in order to preserve it.

More on Bieber, he recently posted on his social media account that he has been struggling as he feels disconnected and weird. Bieber is now getting all the help he needs for his anxiety and depression.


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