Irish Singer Had To Put Down Her Dog Because It Was Ill – Now, She Misses The Pup More Than Anything

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Irish singer Imelda May revealed that she had to put her doggo down because of its illness. Later, she revealed that she misses her doggo more than anything.

– Irish singer Imelda May had to put her dog down.
– They believe the dog suffered from a stroke.
– In a recent interview, she shared more about her dog’s death saying…

The 13-year-old doggo was put down this year and she posted about it on her Instagram. She said that their dog Alfie just had the best day of his life but later became ill. They believe the dog had a stroke so they decided to put it down. She referred to her dog as her joy, boy, and companion. She noted that the doggo died in her arms.

Recently, in an interview with RTE’s Today, May shared of the passing of her dog, “I found it really hard. And like I said before I know it’s not my parent or my daughter, I know I have people online saying, ‘Stop it’s only your dog.’ But for anyone who owns a dog for 13 years, I loved him to bits and he was my family.”


Despite the fact that she misses her doggo, she revealed that she is thankful because she is healthy. She also noted that her garden keeps her busy and she is surrounded by lovely people.

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