This Hudson Resident Loves Rescuing Doggos, Painting And Photographing Rock Stars

A Siberian Husky

A resident from Hudson named Leslii Stevens has a lot of passion but the most she is passionate about is rescuing doggos and painting or photographing musicians.

– A local photographer from Hudson loves photographing and painting musicians.
– She also loves rescuing doggos.
– When she first moved to Hudson, she just lost her dog and was ready to raise her new dog, a Husky.

According to Stevens, she has been living in Hudson for almost two decades now and over the years, she photographed famous music superstars. She also pursued different forms of art. Initially, she moved around with her family because her father worked as a minister. Eventually, she moved to Hudson in 2001 to start a family and raise a Husky.

Stevens shared that when she moved to Hudson, she just lost her previous dog and was more than ready for the next doggo in her life. And since then, she has been involved in rescuing doggos. She shared of dogs, “Dogs are pretty much the rock stars of my world.”


More on being a photographer, she has photographed famous musicians like Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, and Peter Frampton.

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