Feeling The Holidays In The Air? Here Are Dog-Friendly Events In Dubai You Must Watch Out For This Weekend

A dog with its owners at a restaurant

The Holidays is just around the corner and if you want to spend time with your doggo early while it isn’t that crowded in restaurants yet, here are some of the events you could attend over the weekend. Enjoy dining, drinking, and listening to music while out with your fur baby.

– A lot of dogs and dog owners can enjoy events in Dubai this weekend.
– One of the events is the early Christmas celebration at UBK.
– Another is the breakfast event at…

First is the early Christmas celebration at UBK. The event is this Saturday, December 7, from 12 noon to 4 P.M. If you and your doggo would dine there, you will enjoy 50 percent off the food menu. There will also be a happy hour that you and your dog will definitely enjoy.

If you want an earlier event this Saturday, you can have breakfast with your doggo. The event will, however, only allow small poodles, spaniels, terrier, beagles, Jack Russels, or other medium-sized doggos to attend the event. The event is at the restaurant called Reform and you and your doggo can enjoy classic dishes.


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