Newlyweds Hailey Baldwin And Singer Justin Bieber Just Got A New Fur Member In Their Family And It’s ADORABLE!

A woman holding a small dog while in bed

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, who recently got married, debuted the new member of their family – a fur baby! Baldwin and Bieber both posted photos of their new doggo on their social media accounts.

– Musician Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin got a new dog.
– They named the doggo Oscar.
– The two have been posting photos of their dog and…

Although the holidays is not a good reason to get a doggo, the lovebirds got their pup a few days before Christmas. They named the doggo Oscar and they have been posting photos of the dog playing while in bed, sleeping, and looking into the camera. The dog is really tiny and it’s unclear what the breed is.

Another photo posted by Bieber showed the dog having his own place at their home. There was a fence surrounding the area where the dog was and he was really pampered since he had a dog bed, a dog bowl, and the other necessities that doggos need.


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