Want To Help A Girl With Rare Genetic Syndrome To Get A Service Dog?

A girl with her dog

A fundraiser just started for a girl named Sophia Halbgewachs. She is in need of a service dog because of a rare genetic syndrome called Dup15q.

– A four-year-old girl named Sophia Halbgewachs has a rare genetic syndrome.
– She needs a service dog for emotional support and to look out for her safety.
– The family of Sophia will be…

Some of the symptoms of this syndrome are epilepsy, motor delays, autism, and more. Sophia’s parents, Steve and Glenna Halbgewachs, want to get her a service dog because they want her to get that level of care that only a service dog can provide. The service doggo can provide emotional support and it will be trained to look out for the four-year-old girl’s safety. The cost for getting a service dog is $25,000 and the family needs to raise that amount.

They will be hosting a number of fundraising events. One is an online auction and the other one is music bingo. The auction will be from June 6 through June 9. The music bingo, on the other hand, will be on June 5 at 7:30 P.M. Each card will cost $10.


If you want to help with the fundraising, read more here – https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/

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