Family Decides To Donate $20,000 To Two Dog Shelters After…



Two dog shelters in Perth, Australia received a generous donation. The dog owners lost their doggo and when they got him back, they decided to donate $20,000, which was originally the reward money.

– A dog was stolen last week from its home.
– Police got a tip about the dog’s whereabouts.
– The dog was found at a home and…

The dog, a poodle cocker spaniel cross, was stolen from its home last week. The man was seen in a CCTV footage but the only description was that the man was hooded. It is believed that the thief lured the doggo through the doggy door. The dog owners promised to give a reward of $20,000 to whoever can bring their doggo back.


Police officials found the doggo during a search warrant at one house. The person who gave a tip about the doggo refused to take the reward money. Thus, the dog owners gave it to Dog’s Refuge Home of Western Australia and Western Australia Police Legacy Inc.

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