Friyay And Weekend Events Include Music, Dog Adoption, And More Fun Activities

A dog jumping over a hurdle

In Australia, there are a number of events taking place in the coming days. Two of these events are dedicated to doggos.

There are two dog-related events in Australia.
– First is the Doggie Flyball.
– The second event is the North Gong Dog Adoption Day.

On September 14, Friday, the event called Doggie Flyball will be taking place. Accordingly, more than 320 dogs have been registered from New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland to take part of the event in Kiama. Flyball is actually a relay race wherein there are two teams competing with four doggie members each. Dogs must jump over four hurdles and retrieve a ball through a flyball box.

ON Saturday, the event is called North Gong Dog Adoption Day. The charity that will have the adoptable dogs is Pound Paw. Aside from the adoption event, there will be music, and lots of activities like grooming, a ball pit, and an obstacle course called Sausage Dog Ninja Warrior. Dachshunds will be featured here.


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