Drummer Of UK Band Got Bitten By A Doggo And It Took Away…

A dog about to bite a person's hand

The drummer of the UK band called Saxon took to his social media account to share that a dog “decided it did not like my face” and bit his nose. The dog took off with the half of his nose and the incident took place days before he and the band will headline a North Wales music festival.

– The drummer of a UK band called Saxon was bitten by a dog.
– The dog ran off with half of the drummer’s nose.
– The doggo is owned by the drummer’s friend and…

The drummer, 65-year-old Nigel Glockler, said that he was at a local pub when the biting happened. The dog belonged to his friend and when he tried to pet it, the unfortunate event took place. The drummer was taken to the hospital and it took more than 100 stitches to reattach the half of his nose.

Despite the setback, the drummer said that the minor surgery would not prevent the band from playing at the music festival.


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