Doggo Saves The Life Of Owner Musician After Fire Engulfed Home – The Sad Part Is That…

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A local musician from Middle Tennessee lost everything he owns to a fire that engulfed his home. Thankfully, he did not lose his life because his doggo saved him. However, what is sad is that the dog sacrificed his life and did not make it out in time.

– A dog is hailed as a hero.
– The dog saved the life of its musician owner and his girlfriend from the fire that engulfed their home.
– The dog was not able to make it out alive in time.

According to reports, the musician was identified as John Scott. He was sleeping during the time that his house was filled with smoke and fire. His doggo, Frank, was able to wake him up and saved him before everything was too late. The other person in the house, Scott’s girlfriend Jana Bain Karnes, was also asleep. When Scott realized what was happening, he ran to grab Karnes and they escaped the home unscathed.

The two-year-old doggo sadly did not make it out in time. Scott said, “If it weren’t for Frank waking us up the way he did, we probably would’ve gone.” It is unclear how the dog was not able to get out. There is also no statement yet as to what caused the fire.


For now, the couple is focused on starting over. They started a GoFundMe page to ask for donations.

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