Dog Surfing Championships Dogmasters In UK Will Finally Be Held This July

A doggo on a surf board

The Dog Surfing Championships called Dogmasters, which is a big event in the United Kingdom, is all set to take place this July 25. This comes after the scheduled event last year had to be canceled because of the pandemic.

– Dog Surfing Championships called Dogmasters will take place once again in the UK.
– This comes after last year’s event was canceled.
– This year, there will be music, food, and a lot of competitions.

The event will be held at the Branksome Chine Beach and is organized by Shaka Surf. The event aims to bring together dog lovers, dog owners, and doggos to the sea for a day full of activities like paddle boarding and surfing competitions. They also promise that there will be added entertainment like live music provided by Hot Radio and a lot of stores where you can buy food and drinks.

One of the organizers, Mark Reeves, said that they are excited about this year’s event because it is bigger and better. Some of the contests for this year include the usual paddleboard owner and dog tandem, solo dog surfing competitions, and many more. The doggos could receive prizes based on their style, longest wave that they rode, dismount, effort, tricks, and even tail wagging.


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