You Might Have Missed This Dog Stunt Show And It Was Amazing!

A dog with a frisbee in its mouth

In Escondido, California, a dog stunt show took place last November 16. It was at the California Center for the Arts.

– Last November 16, dogs performed at the California Center for the Arts.
– The dogs were part of the Dog Stunt Experience show.
– The dogs are choreographed to music and…

The performance was called Dog Stunt Experience and the audiences ranged from children to adults. The dogs performed a lot of tricks and even went through agility courses. The dogs are choreographed to music and they are really talented doggos. The website of Dog Stunt Experience claims, “It’s guaranteed our productions will leave your audience in awe by offering shows in a variety of themes and formats.” The show ran for one and a half hour.

The person who manages the dogs and runs the show said that it started as a hobby by teaching a dog to catch a Frisbee. However, when he adopted a puppy, it changed everything. He taught him how to throw a Frisbee when it was only more than five months old.


The dogs star in a lot of events like the Texas and Minnesota state fairs.

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