This Doggo Is A Hit In Brooklyn! Performs In Numerous Short Plays

A Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu named Boscoe Barles is building his fan base as he stars in a number of short plays in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The doggo is the star last weekend at the “Boscoe Barles Festival.”

– A doggo was the star on Boscoe Barles Festival in Brooklyn.
– The money from the event will help animals with Brooklyn Animal Rescue.
– The doggo already starred in…

There were short five plays during the festival and it was around six to 10 minutes long. Every minute spent by the audiences were worth it because the dog is a bit famous even before he did the Boscoe Barles Festival. In the sketches, there were music, comedy, and the doggo showing off his tricks. Human actors also shared the stage with the doggo.

The dog owner shared that the dogo already had other breaks on Broadway shows in the past. The festival was organized in order to benefit the Brooklyn Animal Rescue. The rescue center hopes to find homes for the doggos under their care.


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