This Dog Loves Opera So Much That He…

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Many doggos like listening to music. However, some love listening to it so much that they try to sing along.

– One dog from Italy loves howling along to opera music.
– A video of the doggo was uploaded online.
– The dog owner shared that…

The doggo in this story is named Pablo and sometimes called Pablorotti to make it more like a name of an opera singer. The dog owner uploaded a series of videos showing the doggo, a Schnauzer Scottish Terrier mix, howling along whenever opera music is playing. The dog owner said that the doggo’s whole body changes whenever opera music gets played in their home.

The dog actually has a sad past. It was covered in fleas and was starving when it was found in Italy in 2012. The dog owner, together with her three children, decided to help Pablo. Initially, they just wanted to help it and later have it adopted out. However, in Italy, the law was once you take an animal in, it is your unless you find another home for it.


Since the dog has been in their home, the dog owner started playing opera music because she has been a fan. She then recognized that Pablo also loves to sing along. The dog owner said Pablo loves to sing but when he sees a camera, he stops.

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