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“AirWooF 1 2.0″

AirWooF 1 is an aerial view of what WooFDriver and his WooFPAK do. This gives the clues how to manage those Husky wues from Free ranging, Mazing Chase and FurWheeling they be reeling as AirWooF 1 tracks this high above the ceiling….

AirWooF 1 the legendary WooFDriver air ship captures all of the WooFPAKS mega hits!!

From years ago when drones were barley known WooFDriver hired a mini-airship pro who was experienced and had flown early camera flying drones…. he became to be the first pilot of the AirWooF 1 team documenting the WooFDriver dream!


AirWooF 1 the legendary WooFDriver air ship captures all of the WooFPAKS mega hits!!

Since than with technologies leaps and bounds AirWooF 1 has circled many of grounds tracking the WooFPAK hounds as they tour from town to town and run endlessly for rounds and rounds…

AirWooF 1 the legendary WooFDriver air ship captures all of the WooFPAKS mega hits!!


It’s kinda ruff following the WooFPAK with AirWooF 1, you see it takes some guts because these husky loving mutts can really light it up… so if you ever look in the sky and see AirWooF 1 flying way up high with barks and howls trailing behind, you know the WooFPAK team is in the vicinity close by.

AirWooF 1 the legendary WooFDriver air ship captures all of the WooFPAKS mega hits!!

“Hot Rod Track Quad”

WooFDriver goes wide with his latest find which of course is on the wild side!! This new Ride is of the pioneering kind and definitely way ahead of its time!! He calls it the hot rod track quad which sports the ultimate bod, as it courts the WooFPak squad!!
With many body curves it took some nerve to bend and turn the aluminum that makes this design burn!! Big wheels on the back rack are in fact especially for running the track!! The lines are designed to be so fine with a seat that is almost fully reclined!! The Main deal of the rails, seal the wheels for the dogs ultimate comfort feel!! A deep purple color rumbles as this machine tumbles and screams around the race track grounds while sometimes the horses can be found chasing us around!!
This machine is a dream and is so cool indeed!! The thrill is fulfilled by just a look but the will of power devours the need for speed as this puppy lights up all the dog’s dreams!!
Built to run the horse race track for endless fun this quad is the dogs hot rod!! So light it rolls, so right as the dogs take it to flight with not a lot of might!! 0 to 20 sweet like honey always bright and sunny, not to be funny, but speed is easy to feed for the dog team on this Hot rod quad dream!!
This ride is so tight and loved as WooFDriver lights it up and the pups might it up which combines to make it so right and fun!! Its got the stuff to make all the dogs ruff ruff this tuff ADV screams as it adds more heavy metal fluff to the WooFDriver dream.

“WooFDriver’s 4X4″

WooFDriver’s Double Decker is a measure of technological treasures to provide man and canine the ultimate ride of the cruising pleasure kind!!
This 4 by 4 is the wildest machine on WooFDriver’s Team of ADV’s!! It is called the Double Decker 4 by 4 because it has four tires, seats four Riders and of course leads 4 dogs full of fire!! This 4 by 4 is the most progressive dog ride probably of all time!!
Built from a design that WooFDriver had in mind but never fully defined!! That’s the height of smarts from the guys at Utah trikes and how it starts because it is so in their heart and part of their plan to build almost any dog ride of the 3 or 4 wheel kind that WooFDriver can envision in his mind!!
This rather large Double Decker road kind of barge is bright neon orange and can get a charge to use the batteries to power it far and for sure ride it hard!! Of course the dogs welcome the assist because of the heavier weight the electric motor helps them regulate out of the starting gate!!
Designed to ride with 4 passengers in mind and 4 dogs for a wild time we had to find specialized components to make this all chime!! A motorcycle chain is part of the main drive to power this beast and make it fly!! Two motors are accompanied by 4 batteries that coincide to fuel this party rolling ride!!
This double decker is a measure and sign of the times with all this technology you will find this design is the state of the art kind!! A fusion with the inclusion of car like size and bike like finds makes this another incredible side of WooFDriver’s ADV Line!!

“WooFLiner Jet Liner”

Leaving home getting out on the road we can’t wait to run, riding along in WooFDriver’s jet plane we keep thinking about the fun, though the trail seems so far away, we know that the time will come, WooFDriver always takes us to play and we love to keep rolling on..
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner carry us to the fun
Oh oh WooFDrivers jet liner take us out to run
Goodbye to untrained ways goodbye to not being trusted, we love to go out and run always you know we get hitched to the ride and hustle, and our heart keeps pounding faster as we load up in WooFDriver’s seven four seven, sitting up high we got the road in our eyes you know you’ve got to go through waiting and anticipating…
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner don’t carry us too far away
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner take us out to play
Getting down in free ranging town, feel the fun coming round, we have to keep on wheeling along you know WooFDriver keeps us feeling strong, and we never go through any hesitation, cause we were surely trained, and we won’t get caught up in any of that puppy stuff going down with those rookies.
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner you always know the way,
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner we can’t wait to play
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner you are always so amazing,
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner take us to do Free Ranging
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner keeps putting that smile on our face,
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner please take us to the Mazing Chase
Oh oh WooFDriver’s jet liner what a wonderful feeling,
Oh oh WooFDriver”s jet liner take us to FurWheeling

“SuperQuad ADV”

The latest WooFDriver ADV was designed extensively, and refined excessively, for creature features that were defined with long distance runs in mind!! I will mention we focused on my WooFDriver Tour intentions!! Where special attention was given for different trail dimensions and my affection for photo and video documenting perfection!! The rear seat can accommodate the rider to facilitate this desire to document the entire ride and help navigate if needed on the fly!!
The fellows from Utah Trikes built this bike from the ground up and found ways to accommodate all this stuff and especially all the pups!!
You can’t miss this rig while Its on a dog gig, with it’s lime green and yellow sting the colors are bright and the ride is out of sight!!
WooFDriver calls it the Super Quad Low Ryder that can take you and the pups higher and higher!! It has 4 wheels for a real balanced feel, It seats 2 riders close to the ground, that will admire the hounds, and it can sire 4 dogs with their desire to go for rounds and rounds.
The specs on this eccentric ride incorporate a Patterson 2 Speed drive, an electric Eco-Speed Motor to provide assistance if we encounter any hills or other resistance, the rear axle which includes limited suspension, and Nuvinci Transmission, insures only green emissions under all conditions!!
We can remove the rear seat to improve it’s space to groove for summer fun and accommodate the misting system that sprays the dog as they run!!
This super quad is another WooFDriver creation that provides elation for the dogs and riders and sets all of our souls on fire!!

Every once in a while, you take a double take when you see something. You glance at it, stop, and then look again. The Super Quad does that to people when we are on the trai! Rarely do we cruise by with out passers-by watching us closely with a smile. This video and song highlight the Super Quad’s features– All Dog Drive, as well as human and electric backup, new mounting features, etc. As are most of my ADVs, this was custom built to to WooFDriver specifications. Check out my other videos featuring the Supoer Quad furwheeling the many trails along the east coast?? The WooFTunes song featured in this video is “Supper Quad Low Rider” rocked out by the WooFPlay Band. So get your dog’s Paws Bangin’, Tails Waggin’, and Tongues Hangin’ as you listen and view this dog fun video!

“WooFWheeler Dog’s 18 Wheeler”

Let it be known, that The WooFDriver has roamed in real 18 wheel big rigs on his earlier gigs!! This was his way long before he got to play with dogs, and unleash his all!! 18 wheels have a great feel, but the dogs have become WooFDriver’s deal!!
This is the story of the WooFWheeler or also known as the dogs 18 wheeler because it has 16 paws and 2 wheels that haul!! With all on board this bike will roar!!
The WooFWheeler is a WooFDriver Inspired Bicycle that has room for 4 dogs to groove!! It creatively uses a bar designed to attach a child’s ride to an adults bike to keep them up right and insight!! This bar is ingenuously changed to arrange it at the front of The WooFWheeler and provide a space to accommodate two dogs in this place!! The other two hounds can be found further back to the rear on a similar track that puts them near the seat and spreads the tread enough to provide a safe distance to avoid any dog misfits!!
This WooFWheeler also has an electric motor to provide some juice when the dogs line gets a little loose. This is very effective for training them to avoid a distraction and let them know that what WooFDriver says is the main attraction!!
The biggest problem alike to using any two wheeled bike is the fact that when unattended to water or take a break with the WooFPak still intact, the bike can tip over on rover!! Therefore we have designed and refined the ultimate kick stand that keeps the bike on land and makes it stand while unattended even when the dogs tug, it remains snug to the ground, this was the greatest challenge WooFDriver had found!!
There are other enhancements In this design to make this dog drive friendly and part of WooFDriver’s medley of ADV’s. From the stability, to the ability to hold a water bag this bike can also fold down so WooFDriver and the hounds can roll all over town to ride the WooFWheeler bike and enjoy all the sights and sounds!!

“WooFDriver S.W.A.T”

WooFDriver Swat gear holds the dogs near!!
Special WooFDriver Approved Tactical Gear that holds the dogs near so WooFDriver can clear any situation that might engage him!!
WoofDriver will dress in his swat belts and vest for his dog sets!! This will protect him and be effective for for these outings even if pressure starts mounting!!
This smartness of this equipment actually harnesses WoofDriver in so he can attach the WooFPak to his waist in a haste in the face of any danger or possible strangers!!
Just like a climber uses a harness to repel this WooFDriver swat gear just gels!! The belt and vest have a high weight test to hold the zest of the whole WooFPak team and contain their steam!!
WooFDriver swat gear also includes shoulder holsters to hold GPS and collar controllers!! In addition this swat gear consists of Police type belts to assist and fit other bits that complete this kit!! This includes Animal sprays to keep strays and possible problems away!! Scopes and night vision to manage our position and see conditions on all of our expeditions!! A dog whistle to call the PAK to get back if they get out of whack!! As well as a place to hold a cell phone, keys, and any other needs!!
WooFDriver Swat is the special effects gear that WooFDriver has designed refined and defined with WooFDriver safety in mind!!

“WooFWheels SnoRunner”

WooFWheels SnoRunner makes the thunder!!
WooFWheels are the rides that WooFDriver drives to make the dogs fly and run free as they create those dog dreams!!
The SnoRunner is really quite the wonder!! With it’s lightweight design it can really make some thunder. It’s Kind of a piece of American history surrounded by some mystery!! This WooFWheel ride can really hit it on the snow and get them dogs to go go go!!
Originally designed with the military in mind It was way before it’s time!! American Ingenuity was everything it was meant to be. Built by The Chrysler automobile company in the late 1970s with this cool heavenly design but never sold like the company had in mind!! Therefore today it’s a rare find because it dates back in time and the production was on the limited side!! But don’t be fooled by time, many have drooled to take this ride. Fun is at the heart and the dogs also want to be a part.
When you see this machine you know it’s like a dream!! A mini kind of snowmobile that makes you want to feel the white stuff and of course light it up!!
You may see WooFDriver out in a cloud of snow with the WooFPak on the go. You know he will flow through the powder so make sure you shout louder Go WooFDriver light it on fire!! You will hopefully catch a glimpse of this incredible mix of hound found love and the SnoRunner as it pounds the grounds for rounds and rounds and the dogs make that panting sound as they chase it all around!!
So this WooFWheel snow rider can take them dogs higher and ride’em out through the clouds of snow as WooFDriver takes them hounds to go go go!!

“The RuFF-Board”

The RUFF-Board not tasty waves but racy ways for the dogs to play!!
The Ruff board is WooFDriver’s surf board made to ride and have a great time, with nothing but dogs in mind!! No tasty waves here just racy dogs which makes this the call that can safely tame their all as they continue to haul, it paves the way for this FurWheeling boarding phase!!
This ruff board is an electric kind of scooter that rolls on three wheels with so much dog appeal. It feels so right as WooFDriver takes it to flight!! He stands on this land kind of surf board and rock and rolls some more like the dogs just so adore he is floored when they soar as they pull and run galore!! It’s lightweight design lets’em just fly!!
In a glance you will notice its 3 wheel stance that reduces almost any chance you would tip the ruff board even on a curvy dance!! This sturdy clever design is what the WooFDriver strives to find as a guideline in any machine he considers to refine for his ultimate canine designs!!
As with his other ADV’s WooFDriver prefers electric capabilities indeed!! A little power on demand helps him command the WooFPak and they learn to understand to stay on track and keep the slack out of the line so we can all ride in a synced time!!
WooFDriver as with most of his ADVs also likes the dogs to ride on the side!! This keeps them closer intact and in fact gives him more control of the PAK and therefore they can go more places to do their laps!! It acts like a short leash with some spring but WooFDriver can always bring the PAK closer to his lap to avoid any mishaps as he lets others stay in their track without having to deviate to avoid his rap!! If need be he can also quickly scoot to the side to make room for others to easily pass him by!!
Safety is always WooFDrivers main concern and with the small footprint size of this ruff board ride WooFDriver can easily see to the side and make sure all the dogs are fine and enjoying this mighty fine time!!
The RuFF-Board also has a dual purpose because it can easily convert and assert some speed so on a free ranging scheme we can unleash the power and let the pups chase and run to try to catch the ruff board for more unhinged fun!!

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