Before This Dog Crossed The Rainbow Bridge, He Listened To Music And…

A Great Pyrenees-Golden Retriever mix

A dog named Bentley had the best day of his life before he crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this week. The parents of the dog owner let him listen to gospel music and the owner’s dad even sang songs to the beloved doggo.

– A popular doggo from a community has crossed the rainbow bridge.
– The dog is part of a program that encouraged children to read.
– On the day that the dog died, he listened to Gospel music and…

Bentley the dog is actually popular in his community. He has read with many school children through the Bentley’s Buddies and Friends reading program that begun in 2015. More than 10,000 children have been part of the program and one of the kids even stopped by to say one last goodbye to the doggo. The dog died because of a blood disorder and pancreatitis.

Bentley was adopted in 2012. The dog was only 18 months old then and was hit by a vehicle. The dog owner shared that the dog had injuries so bad that she thought he would not make it. Still, she called the rescue center and took the doggo, a Great Pyrenees, home.


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