This Dog Loves The Closing Song Of ‘Law and Order’ So Much That She…

A white German Shepherd

Dogs love music as much as humans do. But this dog might love the closing song of “Law and Order” more than anyone else.

– Another dog became a fan of a song.
– This time, the song is the closing song of “Law and Order.”
– The dog was videoed howling to the tune.

“Law and Order” is a great series but this dog isn’t loving it for its content. The three-year-old German Shepherd was videoed one time by the dog owner and the video was later shared on social media. In the video, as soon as the closing song came on, the doggo ran towards the television and howled along with the song. According to the dog owner, whenever the song comes up, the dog would really howl in front of the TV wherever she may have come from.

Aside from howling along the “Law and Order” song, the doggo does a great job at being the companion of the dog owner and her partner, who has leukemia.


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