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“Free Ranging Extreme”

Free Ranging Extreme is another off leash adventure that is To the extreme and and will rock your dogs dreams. Let WooFDriver tell you what it means:
This dog sport has you piloting a vehicle that can navigate terrain that 4 paws are so arranged to engage.
Your dog can charter obscure paths while you trail and guide his safety but he controls the pace with as much haste or apprehension as he so desires. This Freedom so lights his fire and inspires his senses without any fences just mends his overall attention and affection to you the Alpha to guide his direction.
The Extreme Free Ranging Dream is WooFDriver’s ultimate scheme to unleash your dogs drive and let him thrive.

“Mazing Chase”

It’s called a Mazing Chase. It’s another WooFDriver way for the dogs to play. For This game you won’t need to train it’s natural dog drive that keeps this game alive!! Now listen up, the hounds go round all over the ground, making that panting sound this new found love is all over their face, giv’em plenty of space for Mazing Chase!
Pooch girls, pooch boys, we string up the pulleys and load up your toys. Rovers gone over to the course and wow, the chase is on as he takes a bow, go flying down the path turn left and right, with so much hype it’s nearly out of sight. Mazing Chase. Now the hounds go round all over the ground, making that panting sound this new found love is all over their face, giv’em plenty of space for Mazing Chase!
WooFs being shaking it all around look here now those crazy hounds, living for this rush, they can’t get enough, Mazing Chase.
The Chase can be a race or just casual fun for the dogs to run. Mazing Chase.
Now this fun event that I’m endorsing has a Formal name called Lure Coursing, it’s only reserved for certain breeds, even with that fancy read, WooFDriver thinks that all can do it, No pups left out. That’s what it’s all about!! Mazing Chase.
Now the hounds go round all over the ground, making that panting sound this new found love is all over their face, giv’em plenty of space for Mazing Chase!

“Mazing Chase 2.0”

“Boarding With your Dog”

Scootering or boarding as the Woofdriver would say is like riding the rails of a sleigh. There is kicking and riding and downhill can even feel like your flying. Cruise all the paths, have lots of laughs, an awesome ride with your dog!!
When you ride on an empty street you can kick it with your feet just like a musher kicks the ground you can assist your hounds!! Teamwork is what its all about. Hill climbing is a great workout for your body with your Rotti. This dog powered hobby is out of sight!!
When the surf goes down and the ride is done, your Woof has spent his drive and he wants to go home, he’s now so content and his behavior is at its best, we cruised all the paths, had lots of laughs, an awesome ride with our dog!!


“Winter Water Skiing”

Don’t sweat the snow WooFDrivers got another way for you to go!! Experience winter water skiing, another furWheeling feeling to keep you reeling and wheeling through the mounds of snow let’s get them hounds to go!!
Don’t let the snow slow your FurWheeling time just get up and go and you will be surprised with so much adventure that this winter water skiing venture has to offer so let’s go, go, go, and let it snow, snow, snow!!
When that white stuff falls from the sky WooFDriver says it’s not a complication bit an invitation to fly! Your pup wont need any inspiration but you will be in admiration the way 4 legs can move and flow all through the snow.
Your dog will tow your rope, but he’s not a boat so you won’t have to float just shushing and mushing will keep you pushing.
It’s like walking your hound on frozen ground that’s been coated with wax so you can slide around your dog will power your walk as long as his line is taught. Your dog can help you balance your load down this somewhat challenging road.
As you are being pulled around you and your hound are working together and with his help you could probably keep rolling forever. As you glide on this ride keep in mind you will find it takes a little time to learn this drive, so when you find your stride you will beam with pride.
This dog powered ride takes a little more training time because your dog is on a rope and even though your not on a slope it can sway in any which way. Rover needs to learn his commands so when he takes a turn he his heading in the direction you yearn. And of course when there is a distraction he needs to ONBY without any reaction!! It is then that this action will give you so much satisfaction
Just like a water skier cruises around you will hear that smoothing sound and find most hounds love grooving around in the snow, and they will learn to tow but remember you will still have to row!! Shushing those skis your dog will be mushing his feet and paws while you both are having a ball.

“Dog Powered GoCart”

The Dog Powered Go-Cart is truly a work of smarts. Weather there tethered to the side or pulling you out in tow this ride is always a powerful way to go! WooFDriver says this is the original ATV but calls it an ADV. An All Dog Vehicle that is always tons of fun to ride and drive.
Weather you choose to stand or sit you will find this go cart such a great fit. Some of WooFDrivers rigs are even pedal assist. Sometimes your bowser needs a push to get him to mush. So when there is some resistance you can provide the assistance. You can jump start the ride at any time with a push off the ground or a pedal cycle around.
Pulling Instinct is common in many breeds so this go cart activity will help satisfy your pups needs. If your dogs not a puller you can tether him to the side for the exercise ride. Engaging your dogs energy will help provide synergy in his life and make your alls relationship such a mega hit!! Quenching your dogs urge to purge his drive is what makes this ride such a great time!!
One mutt can start your go cart adventure up, but the more dogs you hook up the less work you will need to cook up. On level ground your hound is bound to go further and keep the pace at a more equal rate. But again the more hounds you run makes for more rounds of fun.
Most 3 and 4 wheeled bikes and trikes can be easily converted for your mutt and reverted back when his run is up. There are more specific true dog carts available that offer terrific ways to teach your dog to reach his all. WoofDriver has plenty of information to be an inspiration and get you going and keep your dogs energy flowing in the right direction and than you can experience your dogs full affection!!

“Dog Powered GoCart 2.0”

“Balance Your Dog”

Taking the human for a walk is like putting a little pep in your step and getting a little ride from your dogs stride!!
Balance your dogs load down any road by using your waist to control his haste!!
They all like to do it, even WooFDriver’s little 7 pound Chinese crescent can be so effervescent. That’s LuLu!! Pulling power when harnessed correctly can be such a WoWer!! Instead of resisting your pups drive let him drool, and pull and fuel both of your fun on all of your walks and runs!!
WooFDriver says, Balance your dogs load down any road by using your waist to control his haste!!
WooFDriver says No more tough times gripping your dogs line, now you can stabilize his tug and realize his love to pull and forge ahead, so attach him to your waist and watch the smile on his face. You might need to pick up the pace but you will now be in total control without any tumble or struggle just a lot of good energy management with this new faction of balance that will provide tremendous satisfaction!!
WooFDriver says, Balance your dogs load down any road by using your waist to control his haste!!
You can choose the terrain to help your dog train So if you need to slow him down head up to higher ground!! If you want to Lighten his load than take him down the slope, but of course level ground is the most balanced for the hounds, but yet again I will mention you should pay attention, and if your bowser has the power than challenge him up that hill but if his will is not so eager than go down hill and try to ease him, remember the ultimate goal is to keep him moving out in front so you want to find a pace that is not a constant race!!
WooFDriver says, Balance your dogs load down any road by using your waist to control his haste!!


“Biking With Your Dog”

Don’t be like a Frog, Go Biking With Your Dog!!
Its like training wheels for mushers. biking down the trail, cycling round a curvy path you see their wagging their tails!! Keep on, rolling down the road, with your woof in tow. Teaching them to run is lots of fun, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!
Maybe on a trike or or a 2 wheeled bike you will thrive to ride with your dog at your side. Bowser, combined with one Bowser, Rover can move over for a little more company and fun for the run!!
Now when your pooch runs right in front of your bike, it takes more control to get it right. WooFDriver likes them running at your side, running there for the entire ride. But however you choose to do it, after the ride they’ll be satisfied, Ready for bed, happy, tired, night night puppy!

This is The Official WooFTunes “Biking With Your Dog” Music Video!! You can see The WooFDriver rolling with The WooFPAK on many of The Bike kind of ADVs (All Dog Vehicles)!! Lots of FUN!!


This video defines “FurWheeling” and features the commands to train your Dog!!

Free Ranging

Free Ranging is what I call it. Now Roaming through the woods or strolling down the trail, frolicking with delight and jumping in the air. These dogs are free, no leash attached, as you can see its easy to be.  Free Ranging is what I call it!

Now Free Ranging ain’t no dog park romp, it happens when there’s an open spot, like an empty field or deserted park, in the early morning or close to dark. It’s the perfect time for us to do our thing. Now run Rover run, I hear you bark and sing. Free Ranging is what I call it!!

Now your hounds have no real barriers as they roam, except for when WooFDriver commands them all. This provides alpha bonding respect for your best K9 friends what you’ve come, come, to expect. Free Ranging is what I call it!!

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