Country Music Singer’s Doggo Moose Hits The Stage For The First Time

A brown pup

Country music singer Scotty McCreery recently revealed that he and his wife got a doggo. They told their fans that their dog’s name is Moose and for the first time since getting the dog, Moose was at the stage where his human performed.

– The dog of Scotty McCreery made his debut on stage last January 19.
– McCreery and his wife posted photos of the dog over the holidays.
– The dog is named Moose.

McCreery is currently on his Seasons Change Tour. On January 19, during the concert in Raleigh, North Carolina, Moose was spotted by a lot of concert goers. McCreery also posted about the dog’s debut on stage alongside a photo of the doggo being help by his wife.

McCreery and his wife once talked about being pressured to have kids but for now they wanted to get a dog to see how it goes for them. McCreery said in a recent statement that they are in no rush to have kids and they will “make sure that we can keep the dog going first.”


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