Composer Makes A Requiem In Honor Of Her Dogs That Passed Away

A group of dogs

A composer named Rachel Fuller composed “Animal Requiem,” and she recently premiered it in the United States. The composer made the requiem in honor of her doggos that died.

– A composer wrote “Animal Requiem.”
– It recently premiered in the United States.
– The requiem was inspired by the six dogs of the composer.

Fuller never had a dog when she was a child because her parents were too busy to take care of a dog. However, when Fuller got an apartment of her own at the age of 26, he rescued her first ever dog, a golden retriever. After that, Fuller got another retriever and then a border collie. Later, he got a Bichon Frise, a poodle, and a Yorkshire terrier. All of them were rescued. However, within a span of five years, all her doggos died because of old age.

She then started to compose “Animal Requiem” after four of the six dogs died. One of the surviving doggos actually died a week after Fuller finished composing the requiem. Fuller noted that it hurts to lose a beloved family pet but the pain from the grieving is a reflection of the boundlessness of the love that people have for their fur babies.


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