Colombian Singer Used Her Doggo With White Fur, Black Patches To Promote Black Lives Matter

A French bull dog

Colombian singer Karol G had no other intention but to promote the movement “Black Lives Matter” on her social media page when she uploaded a photo of her doggo that has white fur and black patches. However, the singer received backlash for the post.

– Colombian singer Karol G has a French bulldog.
– She used her dog, which has white fur and black patches, to promote the “Black Lives Matter” movement.
– The singer, however, received backlash for the post and she later…

The 29-year-old’s French Bulldog was the star of the photo and the caption read, “The perfect example of Black and White TOGTHER looking beautiful. #BlackLivesMatter.” Many then commented that it was a “tone deaf” post. Another said it’s even more tone deaf because Karol G is currently “chillin on a yacht” when she wrote the post. Some came to her defense saying that Karol G just meant “we all should be considered as equal, not matter our skin color or anything else.”

Karol G later deleted the photo of her doggo and released an apology. She said that what she meant was “racism is terrible” and that “the is only one race and that is the human race.” She continued to say that she will not stop educating herself on the matter and she will take active steps to help make a change.


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