Recent Rescue Dog That Went On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Made Music Mogul Simon Cowell Cry

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Another doggo graced the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent.” The rescue dog’s story made music mogul judge Simon Cowell cry.

– A dog named Miracle auditioned for “Britain’s Got Talent.”
– The magician dog actually had a sad past because he was rescued from a dog meat trade business.
– After hearing of Miracle’s story, judge Simon Cowell cried.

The dog’s name is Miracle and it suits him very well because he has a very traumatic past. The crossbreed was rescued from a cage that had more than 1,000 dogs in it. The dog was then adopted by one Amanda Leask. The dog owner won a lot of awards by working with her rescue dogs including Miracle. But that’s not what made the judges tear up because Leask told them that, “Miracle has been at the heart of our family for six years, but he wasn’t always as happy and healthy as he is today.”

Leask noted that Miracle was initially thought to be dead because of the conditions he suffered from but it was a miracle that he was found alive by the rescuers. The dog was supposed to be traded for dog meat. Also, Leask shared to the judges that the doggo has a great bond with her son who has cerebral palsy and autism.


As for the audition of Miracle, it also went well because the magic trick made by the doggo left a lot of people in awe.

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