Ever Tried Playing A Bob Marley Kind Of Song For Your Doggo? Here’s The Explanation Why You Should

A relaxed brown dog

There have been numerous articles and researches about doggos calming down after listening to certain types of music. If you have tried playing a Bob Marley song for your doggo, you are probably wondering why he or she loves it so much.

– Some dogs prefer Bob Marley songs over classical songs.
– This is because the rhythm of such genre of music is similar to a dog’s heartbeat.
– A company called RelaxMyDog then…

Songs of Marley are usually soft playing strings, minor keys, and more. According to studies, the songs of Marley actually relaxes doggos because the frequencies of the songs help reduce the stress that the doggo feels. That is why RelaxMyDog has come up with songs similar to classical music and reggae sounds.

The founders of RelaxMyDog said that some of the music that they have created was also based on what relaxes humans because sometimes, when the human is relaxed, the doggo is also relaxed. They also based having reggae-related frequencies embedded in their tracks because per a recent research, the rhythm of such genre is similar to a dog’s own heartbeat.


Read the informative article written by Ammar Kalia here – https://www.theguardian.com

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