Bassist Of American Band Mötley Crüe Wants Texas A&M University To STOP Using Golden Retrievers For…

A Golden Retriever in the fields

The bassist of the heavy metal American band called Mötley Crüe wrote to Texas A&M University. In his letter, he asked them to stop using golden retrievers for a highly-debated research project.

– The bassist of a heavy metal American band wrote a letter to Texas A&M University.
– The musician, Nikki Sixx, said that the university should stop breeding dogs.
– These dogs are used for the project that aims to…

The research is about breeding golden retrievers and other doggos in order to use them for tests regarding canine muscular dystrophy. The bassist, Nikki Sixx, told the university’s president that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) showed him videos of the dogs being used in the research and he said it was disturbing. Sixx added that for the past 37 years that such research project has been ongoing, there have been no great results as to treat the disease.

Sixx also said in his letter that although there really is a need to find a cure for such disease, “subjecting dogs to pain and misery is not the way.” Sixx has two golden retrievers he is taking care of.


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