She Has So Much Love: Ariana Grande Continues To Shower Some Love To Late Ex-Boyfriend’s Doggo

A pitbull mix

Musician Ariana Grande continues to shower some love to the doggo of her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. Last week, Grande posted some photos and videos of her and the doggo on her Instagram Story.

– Ariana Grande posted a photo and some videos of Myron.
– Myron is the dog of her later ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.
– It is unclear if she has adopted the dog already.

One of the photos that the 25-year-old “Thank U, Next” singer showed her and the Pitbull mix named Myron going for a walk. This was not the first time that Grande showed some love to the dog. Just weeks after Miller’s death, she was seen walking the dog. It was as if Grande already took it upon herself to take care of the dog after the death of her former boyfriend. In October, rumors sparked claiming that she already adopted the dog. She never released any statement to confirm this.

Miller adopted the dog in 2017 when he and Grande were still an item.


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