Annual Canine Easter Egg Hunt Raises Funds, Brings Light To Proper Dog Training

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An annual canine Easter egg hunt called Doggie Eggstravaganza took place last Thursday at Miramar Beach, Florida. The event was a success in raising funds and helping shed some light on proper dog training.

– This year’s Doggie Eggstravaganza took place last week.
– During the event, there was live music, food, drinks, raffles, a silent auction, and many more.
– The event raised funds for…

This is the sixth year that the Doggie Eggstravaganza was held. It would have been the seventh year if the event was not canceled last year due to coronavirus. During the latest event, there was live music, snacks, drinks, raffles, a silent auction, and more activities.

The event was hosted by Dog-Harmony, which is a local non-profit that aims to educate people about the proper training of dogs. Dog-Harmony raised funds during the event through donations and the founder of the organization said that the funds will be used to help spread the word about careful and proper training. The founder added, “Training is so important when you get a dog. You make a commitment, you need to not only train but how you train. Let’s quit using these shock, prong, choke chains and use more positive reinforcement. Make the dogs members of society so they can attend events like this, be happy, and be part of the community.”


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