American Rapper T-Pain Makes A Song For His Doggo’s Birthday – Asks Other Atlanta Dog Owners To…


American rapper T-Pain recently wrote a song about his dog’s birthday.  He then asked his team to contact the dog owners in Atlanta to see if anyone was interested to allow their doggos to be in the music video of the song.

– American rapper T-Pain wrote a song for his dog’s birthday.
– He and his team later contacted dog owners in Atlanta.
– The dog owners let their doggos participate in the making of the music video for the song.

The song is titled “It’s My Dawg Birthday” and the dog owners who were contacted have doggos that have Instagram accounts. One member of the group shared that for the 12 hours they spent shooting, it was “crazy fun” and there were a lot of types of dogs present for the music video. The video has since been released and it quickly became viral.

T-Pain interacted with the doggos. Some of them even got belly rubs from the rapper. The dog moms said that they would shoot another video if asked again.


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